sample of activities

2022, 'the long view', hatton gallery summer exhibition September 2022

2022 frizzi frizzi, italian magazine of visual culture, image of foro italico statues

2022 forthcoming, italian RadioNews24 interview about stromboli abstracts and exhibition

2021 bbc website, weather page leader image

2021 foro italico exhibition

2020 bbc website, weather page leader image

2018 yorkshire archaeological society publications, images of roman carlisle excavations

2018 stromboli exhibition

2017 photographer, swimming with seals project, active northumberland

2017 berwick advertiser, image of longstone lighthouse

2017 civic centre abstracts exhibition, hatton gallery, newcastle upon tyne

2017 'discovering the archaeology of the the border roads' by david jones, image of inscription

2016 indirect objects: portrait project, broadacre house, newcastle upon tyne

2015 blast beach exhibition, hatton gallery, newcastle upon tyne

2015 guardian printed edition, photo of water reflections at civic centre, newcastle upon tyne

2014 guardian web edition, spring photos leader image

2014 featured photographer, december edition of winter sun media arts magazine, california

2014 commissioned mural and canvas artist for zentopia lifestyle, california

2013 blast beach exhibtion, the late shows / ouseburn valley

2013 war memorials online, main image for wallsend world war I memorial

2013 projet 192, madrid, image commemorating one victim of the madrid train bombings of 2004

2013 great north museum, backdrop image for society of antiquaries bicentennial exhibiton

2013 english heritage guide to chesters roman fort, image of milecastle 36

2013 duke's moor school gate commission, newcastle upon tyne

2012 photographer, international women's day, newcastle events

2012 photographer, north east kayaks launch event

2012 valleystracts exhibition, the late shows, ouseburn valley, newcastle upon tyne

2011 featured artist, interesting

2010 featured artist, minimal

2010 archeothema, images from hadrian's wall


special thanks are due to the very talented sicilian photographer giacomo belardi, whose patient correction of the italian text that i wrote for this website has ensured a smoother read for italian speakers everywhere. text © lorraine kerr 2015-2022; all images © lorraine kerr and lorraine kerr photography 2008-2022. two image layers have been used with permission of karl hurst and maria stock. website design, including social media icons, © lorraine kerr 2015-2022.

biographical notes

archaeological and art-historical images were the starting point of my work with the camera; in the atrophied urban surroundings that were a feature of many a site visit, i began to see the potential beauty that belies the broken down, neglected and ostensibly mundane aspects of towns, cities and suburbs. from here i built up a portfolio of incidental urban details and over the next few years i began to explore other artistic possibilities, in particular the total extraction of subject matter from surroundings, so that what was the essence of an image for me also became the only possible focus for the viewer. in this way abstract photographs gradually became the dominant form in my photographic repertoire. it was also during this time that i discovered my preference for the aesthetic rigours of the square format, or 1:1 ratio.

i travel frequently, particularly in the classical world, and i am still adding to my collection of archaeological images.  if you would to know if i have an image of a particular monument, or would like to use an image, please get in touch with me via my contact page.

i regularly contribute archaeological and art-historical images to books, websites and magazines. i am also an approved getty images artist. for a select gallery of my botanical images, please click here.