lorraine kerr photography

guest photographer: les flynn / sunny drunk



i have been an 'image maker' for ages... my work tends to reflect some of these moments on my journey, from the purely photographic to the downright absurd... !!!


i create images with the help of my alter-ego, sunny drunk (he is the crazy one!!) i am dr jekyll and he is mr hyde... or is that the other way round? whatever!!!! together we produced this expo called 'light eating objects,'... first shown in the group "flickrjob" on flickr in april 2015, they are part of a much larger expo called '55 images'


this is an ongoing project. in fact there are many on-going projects... but time is limited and i/we are lazy. i hope you like this small offering. if you are interested in viewing more please look at my flickr and facebook accounts (links below.) hopefully there will be a new website soon... hahahahah... well, soonish!!!!!!


click on any image below to view my gallery, 'light eating objects'